Walk Back Signs

We all know someone, love someone, or will be someone who battles breast cancer. As we gear up for our virtual walks, let us know your reason! Use the links below to find downloadable, printable “back signs” much like the ones that have been available at our events in the past. You can also click here to access our Virtual Memory Tent. Upload a photo or note in memory of someone you’ve lost to breast cancer.

Once printed and filled out, please snap a picture of you holding your sign! We will use these on our social media channels and during our virtual opening ceremony! These can be emailed to info@komencentraltennessee.org or text to Madeline Burgess, Marketing Manager, at 706-851-7618.

If you have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis, please use the back sign “Years of Survivorship” to tell us how many years it has been since your diagnosis. Make sure to send these to info@komencentraltennessee.org or to 706-851-7618 so we can use them in our Virtual Pathway of Hope!


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