Project:OM – September 2018

The Project:OM Mission

Project:OM aims to inspire and expand the conversation about how yoga can make an incredible difference in our own lives – and on a larger scale, for the well being of the world.

Over time, Project:OM will be collaborating with like-minded partners, to focus efforts on a variety of causes. By bringing the community together we really can create a better world ONE MORE mat at a time.

How It Works

  1. Visit our Project:OM website here.
  2. Find a local studio in your area, or look for your favorite studio by name!
  3. Click “Register” once you find a class
  4. Make your $10.00, tax deductible donation to Susan G. Komen
  5. Attend your Project:OM session!

Make sure to invite family and friends to register and join you! Use the hashtag, #ProjectOM, to help promote the campaign!

Our Local Studio Partners

Greater Nashville:


Upper Cumberland:








 To register for an upcoming class, click here.

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