Classes of Pink Tie Guys

The Pink Tie Program features influential leaders who help mobilize, energize and engage audiences in the breast cancer movement through their role within the community, within their organizations, and through their personal involvement. The Pink Tie Guys are leaders who attest to the powerful fact that breast cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries and who bring a male voice to the urgency of finding the cure(s). The Pink Tie Guys are partners in the Komen promise to live in a world without breast cancer.


We are proud to announce the 2017 Class of Pink Tie Guys:

Kevin Clingan

Jonathan Hardison

Randall  Hebert

Ted McWilliams

Anthony Meluch

Chris Ramsey

George Regitko

Tim Ryan

Greg Thomas

Marc Tressler

David Vaught


Click on the Pink Tie Guy’s name to learn more about him and to donate towards his personal fundraising.



Previous Pink Tie Guys:


Learn more about our previous classes of Pink Tie Guys by watching their videos on our YouTube page here: youtube logo

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