In its fifth year, Pink Tie Guys involves the men of our communities whose lives have been touched by breast cancer, to help promote the message of early detection and the need for community support. Pink Tie Guys are an exclusive group of men committed to the local fight against breast cancer. They are leaders in their communities who honor those touched by this disease that knows no boundaries, and who bring urgency to efforts to find the causes and cures. Pink Tie Guys demonstrate their commitment by raising funds to support Susan G. Komen® Central Tennessee’s mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever.

This year, we are focusing not only on awareness and a Pink Tie,  we’re also asking these men and everyone in our community to be More than Pink!   Komen has announced a Bold Goal – to decrease breast cancer mortality by 50% in the next decade.  Every year 41,000 women and men die in the U.S. from breast cancer.  That needs to end!  We want folks to do more than just put on a pink ribbon or pink tie and say they support the fight against breast cancer!  We want them to be More Than Pink! How?

  1. Act – tell your stories of early detection; get screened when needed; and support the women and men who are battling breast cancer.
  2. Donate – time, money, and encouragement.
  3. Get Involved – speak out about breast cancer and early detection; speak out aboutSusan G. Komen® Central Tennessee and the good things we are doing in our communities. Register for the More Than Pink Walks, attend our Survivor Celebrations and support other fundraisers throughout the year.

The Pink Movement—the fight against breast cancer—has come a long way in the past 35 years, led by Susan G. Komen. Every step, every dollar and every voice matters. And now we are setting a bold new course.

These “guys” you are about to read about are leading the way. They are fighting for the women in their lives, in their communities and for the generations to come.  We invite each of you to join us in the fight against breast cancer.

Up to 75% of the money raised by the Pink Tie Guys will support local programs dedicated to the breast health needs of our community and 25% will go to the Susan G. Komen Award and Research Grant Program funding cutting edge breast-cancer research worldwide.

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