It’s that giving time of year, isn’t it?

It’s that giving time of year, isn’t it?

We know everybody is basically asking everybody to give at this time of year.  Like you probably are, I’m in the giving spirit, as are most.  The holidays make us think about what’s important in our lives, who we care about most, what our true priorities are, and those are all good things.  We get a chance to pause, even for a few minutes, to take stock and do something good for somebody else.

Choosing our priorities isn’t easy.  But I think many of the choices come naturally, depending on our life experience.  If we’ve been touched personally, or our close family members or dear friends have been touched personally, that cause becomes more important to us.  My best friend recently concluded treatment for breast cancer—a process that involved surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy over more than a year.  She’s now working to rebuild her health and her life as a breast cancer survivor.

While I’ve known many who have been touched by this disease, my friend’s journey with breast cancer has been the closest relationship to date, and so I walked that very hard road with her as a good friend.  It was hard to watch her suffer and struggle and I’m so thankful every day that she is continuing to regain her health.

Recently, I came to work here, with Susan G. Komen Central Tennessee, and that experience with my dear friend has doubled my commitment and my support for this organization’s work in the fight against breast cancer.  I want to support organizations like this one that are invested in research, in helping people right now who are struggling with the disease, and in providing solid information about diagnostic testing, treatment and living as a survivor.

May we find more answers in 2019 and in the years to come in this fight, for all women, men and families.