Good From Bad: My Breast Cancer Led to a New Career

Thirty-seven-year-old Marsha Gibbons was working as a veterinary technician when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fresh from a double mastectomy, she began looking for a fitness coach who understood what she’d been through. “The whole experience opened my eyes,” Gibbons said.  “Having mastectomies and treatment changes how you can and do work out.  When I couldn’t find the right person to work with me after my surgeries, I started thinking I could become trained and go into this profession myself.” 

Gibbons became certified as a personal trainer and health coach through the American Council on Exercise and then opened Anew Image Fitness in Livingston, Tennessee, three years ago.  She works with women one-on-one, focusing on their specific needs and goals.  “I work with each woman where she is and we assess and evaluate along the way,” Gibbons said.  Starting her business out of her dining room, she was soon able to locate a large building with custom finishes right next door to her homeGiving back because of her own experience is what drives Marsha Gibbons.  “I walk down the sidewalk and go to work,” she said.  “I feel so blessed and grateful to be here.”