Fundraising for Komen

We are honored to be contacted so often by passionate members of our community wanting to organize an event or promotion benefiting breast cancer awareness and research. Susan G. Komen Central Tennessee partners with others because it benefits both parties in terms of public awareness. We want to make this process as simple as possible! Please look over the following Fundraising Options to see which best fits your ideas:

Option #1: Third Party Fundraisers

Setting up a Third Party Event is simple. Please read the Guidelines for Conducting a 3rd Party to answer your questions and give you some background info. If after you’ve read the guidelines, you are interested in entering into an agreement with the Komen Central Tennessee, complete the Third Party Fundraiser Application.

Still have questions? Contact our affiliate at or at 615-383-0017.

*Please note that you may not begin promoting your event with the Komen Central Tennessee name/logo until you have a signed contract from the Affiliate.*

Option #2: DIY Fundraiser

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable going under contract as a Third Party Fundraiser which is why we have introduced DIY Fundraising! Fundraise for our affiliate in your own time, in your own way – fundraising made easy!

  1. Register your fundraiser online
  2. Personalize your webpage with photos, links, and the reason “why” you are joining the fight (you will get the link when you register)
  3. Share the link via email or social media which allows people to donate directly to your fundraiser
  4. Raise funds offline? Make a donation to your own campaign or being in cash/checks to one of our regional offices (make sure to let us know it goes to your DIY Fundraiser)

No donation is too small in the fight against breast cancer! We have seen bake sales, lemonade stands, Barrel Racing for the Cure, a fishing tournament, and more! For more information, check out our DIY One Pager or email or call 615.383.0017. You can also visit our DIY Website here.

Option #3: Pink Ribbon Campaigns

As a business, are you looking for a way to fundraise and get your customers involved? We have paper pink ribbons that we can bring your business that you can hang up for a donation of $1, $2, or donation of choice, etc. Hang in your office, around your restaurant, or in the reception area to let people see that you are benefiting Susan G. Komen Central Tennessee.

These ribbons can be sold during a certain event, during a particular month – you decide! If you have questions, email or call 615.383.0017.


Looking for other ways to remain involved year round? Check out ways you can “Double Your Impact” with everyday things such as online shopping or buying groceries! Easy as