Our Community Need



Komen Central Tennessee conducts needs assessments to guide our priorities and work more effectively within the community. The needs assessments include an overview of demographic and breast cancer statistics that highlight target areas, groups or issues. Komen Central Tennessee then uses the the needs assessments to make informed decisions on how the Affiliate can use its resources to make the greatest impact on breast cancer in the area through the awarding of local grants for education, screening and treatment programs. Funding for local grants is then aligned with the most significant needs in the community.

Every four years, the community needs assessments are revised to reflect changes in the community, allowing the Affiliate to identify any gaps in the health system and to work toward filling them. Analysis of Komen Central Tennessee’s service area in the community needs assessments include the voices of those living in target areas. The completed products are assessments of the state of breast health in our community and a plan of action in order to improve it. The community needs assessments are call Community Profile. One has been completed for the two areas in the Komen Central Tennessee Affiliate: Greater Nashville and Upper Cumberland. View the Community Profile Reports below:

Komen Greater Nashville 2015 Community Profile Report

Komen Upper Cumberland 2015 Community Profile Report (1)